CannaHome Link: A Complete Guide

In this guide we explain everything you need to know to get connected to one of the world’s best darknet markets for cannabis products,

CannaHome has retired and is no longer online since April 2022.

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Founded in September 2019, CannaHome is a darknet market specializing in cannabis-related products. Although the market is a bit on the smaller side, they have a huge showcase of some of the world’s most popular cannabis products. This includes marijuana (referred to as “flower”), edibles, concentrates and carts for vaporizers. They even have nearly-pure THC oils known as “distillates” which can be used for a variety of preparations.

For the first year and a half of its existence, CannaHome was a North America-only marketplace but later added shipping options globally. At the time, they state they are only accepting USA-based vendors, but this could change in upcoming months. One of the advantages of keeping market delivery areas in the U.S. is it cuts down on the possibility of a coordinated international law enforcement effort. As CannaHome has been in operation for almost two years already, it is considered to be one of the more competent darknet markets to choose from.

CannaHome uses a version of the pay-per-order system that includes both Direct Pay (FE) and Multisig Escrow options. Some vendors have Direct Pay enabled, which means payment gets released to them after they confirm receiving the order, and all vendors have Multisig Escrow, which means funds are held in a 2/3 multisignature address (the three parties involved being buyer, seller, and market). It is strongly suggested to change your bitcoin in a bitcoin mixer such as ChipMixer before using this market.

Because CannaHome heavily emphasizes the use of multisig payments, the market accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) only. Most vendors accept both coins. If blockchain privacy is a concern to you, you may want to consider using a different market, unless you are comfortable using a mixing or obfuscation service.

To find a working link to any darknet market please check sites that list links to darknet sites such as DarkFail or TorTaxi.

Basic Facts about CannaHome

  • Total product listings: 3,750
  • Listing Categories: Flowers, Concentrates, Carts, Edibles, Distillate, Shrooms
  • Multi-signature escrow? Yes
  • Finalize Early? Yes (Direct-Pay)
  • Cost of vendor bond: $250
  • Advanced search filters: No

Before Getting Started

There are a few subjects which you must have at least an intermediate level of familiarity with before attempting to use CannaHome, or any darknet market. They include:

  • How to send and receive cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Litecoin).
  • How to sign a multisignature transaction (for the market’s multi-sig escrow).
  • How to use the Tor browser (to connect to CannaHome).
  • How to employ basic OpSec (separating your market activities from your real-life identity).

You will need to be comfortable with all of these concepts before proceeding or you run the risk of having a less-than-pleasant darknet market experience. As far as basic principles of OpSec are concerned – for one – don’t ever send coins to a payment address straight from an exchange as it then creates a theoretical link between you and the market. Basically, you want to distance your real-life identity from your actions on the darknet as much as possible. If you are ever in doubt about something, take some time to research the solution before plowing forward as it could end up being all the difference in the world.

Disclaimer: The contents of this guide are for research purposes only and should not be construed as literal advice. Purchasing items from a darknet market like CannaHome could be considered illegal in your jurisdiction and the authors of this guide in no way condone breaking of the law.

Opening an Account

After you’re sure you’ve arrived at the market using an official CannaHome URL, the first thing you’ll need to do is open an account. The process of opening an account itself is quite simple. First, switch from the “Log in” tab to the “Register a new account” tab.

cannahome's registration page

Here you will enter in a username (we recommend something that can’t be tied to your online or real-life identities) and a password (a unique combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols). Finally, there is a relatively easy captcha to enter. After doing this and pressing “Register”, you will be asked to confirm your password. Re-enter it, and press “Register” again to create your account.

Next you will go through a URL verification step that is attempting to confirm that you have landed at an official URL. Take note of this the first time you log into your account; it will help serve as a reminder of what to keep a lookout for to not get phished. Of course, its best to just use the same URL every time, and never copy/paste URLs from unverified sources.

After you have entered the characters above the arrows, press the “Proceed to the site” button. You will now be logged in to CannaHome. To avoid having to do this step in the future, you can activate your 2-FA setting. This will also help to prevent you from getting phished, as only the real site will have your 2-FA code (PGP key).

Upon logging in, one of the first things to check is the unread message in your “Messages” (the tab located between “My Account” and “Orders” toward the top left of the screen. A lot of the time markets will send you a standard greeting, but CannaHome’s message has a bit more to it that should followed-up on. The top half reads:

Welcome to CannaHome!

Before you make your first order on our site, you will need to learn some things about how our ordering system works.

Trust us, it will save you time and help you to avoid confusion and frustration later.

We recommend following through with the message’s remaining instructions, which is to click one of two links depending on your prior darknet market experience. If you have none, click the top link. If you have some, click the bottom link. Both links contain vital information about the market you should know before attempting to use it, such as how CannaHome is different, how to set up a multisignature wallet for escrow, etc.

Setting Your PGP Key and Bitcoin/Litecoin Master Key

You will need to attach your PGP public key to your account before placing an order. To do this, click on the “My Account” tab toward the upper left on the main market screen. In the left panel of the Account screen, click the “Settings” option. Here you can see a text box in which you will paste your PGP public key. You can also check the box to the right to enable 2-FA for your account if you choose. When pasted, the key should look something like this:

adding your pgp to cannahome is an important security measure

Next, scroll down a bit. Here you can see a space to enter your Bitcoin or Litecoin Master Key, which is otherwise known as an xpub/ypub/zpub. This is provided upon creation of a Bitcoin wallet in a client like Electrum. You do not necessarily need to enter your xpub before placing an order, so we will skip this part for now and pick it up again in the order placement section.

After you have entered your PGP public key, press the green “Save Changes” button. You will then be shown a popup with a message encrypted with your public key. You will need to decrypt this message using your PGP client and paste the code within to verify ownership. The code is a string of numbers that looks something like this:

a pgp message you'll have to decrypt on cannahome

Press “Verify” to finish adding the key. If you entered the code correctly, you will be brought back to the Account page with a new message that says “Settings saved successfully” at the top of the screen.

Browsing CannaHome

The CannaHome market page design is refreshingly simple and non-cluttered. This makes it easy to read and navigate. It may not have the advanced search features of some of the other markets but seeing as how their total amount of listings isn’t very big, browsing through categories is never overwhelming.

Cannahome's darknet market home page

Since the market specializes in one particular area of product, CannaHome’s listings are neatly divided six different categories:

  • Flowers (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Pre-Rolls)
  • Concentrates (Shatter, Wax, CRC)
  • Carts
  • Edibles
  • Distillate
  • Shrooms

Below the categories are a list of active vendors, followed by top selling products, newest listings, and vendor updates.

Clicking on a category brings up product listings sorted by rating by default. They can also be sorted by date added, popularity and price.

Notice that in the category listing page you can see the following information about each item:

  • Item title
  • Coins accepted by vendor
  • Overall rating (out of 5 stars) and total number of ratings
  • Vendor name
  • Item description
  • Item pricing and quantities

Clicking the green box to the right of the item title will allow you to view more details of the item and clicking the red box below it adds it to your shopping cart for later checkout.

To the left of the listings are the search filters, which include:

  • Search by term
  • Shipping region
  • Payment methods

CannaHome doesn’t have a huge number of listings, so be sure not to be too specific when entering in search terms. Usually performing a search by category and shipping region is sufficient to narrow down products relevant to what you’re looking for. Clicking on a product listing reveals the following information about the item:

Here we can see a little bit more information about the product. Below this are:

  • Quantities and prices
  • Reviews of the product
  • Item description, shipping options, and questions
  • Other listings by vendor


CannaHome places more emphasis on individual vendors than most markets. One trick to increase your chances of success when using darknet markets is to stick with one, highly-reputable dealer, as opposed to trying out multiple dealers that don’t have as much experience or reputation. It’s also a good idea to give a vendor’s page a thorough inspection before deciding to place an order with them. On the darknet where anonymity is standard, reputation is everything.

Clicking on a vendor name in a listing or elsewhere brings you to their page on CannaHome:

Without a solid body of positive ratings and reviews, a vendor doesn’t really have much, so their business is heavily reliant upon them. We suggest you give these ratings a thorough inspection before placing an order with a vendor for the first time. Also keep in mind that ratings aren’t perfect indicators: some vendors take the time to build up a reputation for the sake of running as big a final scam as possible. You can avoid falling prey to a scamming vendor by reading through their most recent ratings to see if there has been a sudden decline in quality reported. Serious vendors recognize the power of good business and will do everything necessary to ensure the satisfaction of the buyer.

vendor feedback on cannahome market

An interesting feature of CannaHome is the fact that they also display the number of posts the vendor has made in their dedicated forum, known as The Tree House. Here you can find threads for individual vendors that can give you some insight into what to expect when placing an order with them. This is also a place where buyers have the chance to ask questions to vendors about their products, shipping methods, etc.

Placing an Order on CannaHome

Now that you’ve found an item you wish to purchase and selected the quantity, the next step is to place your order. After pressing the “Order Product” button, (for most vendors) you will see a popup asking whether you want to pay in Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC).

Next you will be brought to the Order Creation page. You will see a text box to enter shipping information which absolutely should be encrypted using the vendor’s PGP key. This can be found directly underneath the shipping info box. Import the public key into your PGP utility using the Certificate Import feature. You can now encrypt your shipping info using the vendor’s key.

Next, select your shipping preference and press “Continue”. You will then be brought to the Review Order screen. Here you can confirm that amount to be paid looks correct and that you are ready to make a payment for the amount shown next to Total.

Below this is your encrypted shipping information, followed by the vendor’s Refund and Escrow policy. Reading this will let you know what you can expect if something doesn’t go as planned. Usually, vendors will offer replacements for missing orders up to a certain extent, and whether they can accept Direct-Pay or Multi-sig Escrow only. After checking the box that you agree to the vendor’s terms, press “Continue”.

Next you will select which payment option you want to use, Direct-Pay or Multi-sig Escrow.

  • Direct-Pay is CannaHome’s version of Finalize Early and is reserved for the more trusted and established vendors. In this method, you send coins to the market who releases them to the vendor after they mark your order as Shipped. The Transaction Type is set to Direct-Pay by default in this screenshot. You will likely not be able to dispute orders sent through Direct-Pay so do not use this option unless you absolutely trust the vendor.
  • Multi-sig Escrow means the funds are held by a multi-signature address controlled by the buyer, vendor, and market. It requires signatures from two of the three parties in order for the funds to be released. This provides better protection for the buyer in the case of a dispute. Note that you must have a Bitcoin/Litecoin master key (xpub, ypub or zpub) from a multisig wallet created in a supported wallet like Electrum. (Your Bitcoin xpub – otherwise known as the Master Key – can be found by clicking on Wallet Information in Electrum).

For the sake of this guide, we will be selecting the Multi-sig Escrow option. After pasting your Master Key in the box and continuing you will be asked to enter a refund address. After entering the refund address, you’ll be brought to a payment confirmation page.

Upon proceeding, you will have 90 minutes to make a deposit by sending the exact payment amount to the address displayed.

If the payment is not detected within 90 minutes, the order will be cancelled and will have to be replaced. As soon as the transaction has been detected by the Bitcoin/Litecoin network, the payment status of the order will be updated to reflect it as paid for. CannaHome will then pass the order info on to the vendor who will begin its preparation. You can keep track of the status of your order by checking the “Orders” tab toward the center of the menu bar area.

After receiving your order and determining it to be to your satisfaction, be sure to update it as such in the market so payment can be released to the vendor. It is considered good etiquette to do this as soon as possible.

If the order is not to your liking, you can open a Dispute, in which case you can tell a moderator what happened. The moderator will give the vendor a chance to respond and then make a decision based on the evidence provided by both sides. CannaHome’s dispute resolution system is considered to be among the more sophisticated and the market has a reputation for being fair regarding these matters.


In all, CannaHome is a competent, well-respected operation that is probably one of the “safer” darknet markets out there. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • The non-lethality of their product listings.
  • The emphasis on multi-sig escrow payments.
  • The insistence on encrypting all communication via PGP.

Having said that, it would of course be great if CannaHome could incorporate support for Monero (XMR), which has clearly become the cryptocurrency of choice among darknet markets over the last couple of years. Perhaps the reason holding them back from doing this is that Monero does not support multi-signature transactions, but they could still have it available as a Direct-Pay option.

CannaHome has also added a lot of features not necessarily seen in its competitors and its easy to see they put a lot of thought into the design of their market to help the ordering process flow as smooth as possible. While we didn’t have enough time to get around to covering everything, a good source of additional information is CannaHome’s own guide for experienced darknet buyers. Here you can learn more about what makes them unique, as well as find their FAQ for answers to questions not necessarily explained in this article.